"an audacious, groundbreaking, and brilliantly realized project"

Daniel Neely, The Irish Echo

"From the Floor ... depicts the holistic event of dance – not just the act, but the anticipation of it, the effect and influence of setting, and the chemistry between dancers and musicians"

Sean Smith, Boston Irish Reporter

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1. Jigs:

The Maid on the Green/Paddy Taylor's

2. Set Dance:

Garden of Daisies

3. Reels on the Board:

The Curragh Races/Larkin's Beehives

4. Hornpipes:

The Flowing Tide/The Humours of Tullycrine

5. Jigs:

The Walls of Liscarroll/The New York Jig

6. Hop Jig/Reels/Hop Jig:

Silver Slipper/The Piper's Despair/Trip to Durrow/Silver Slipper



Jackie O’Riley - dance

Rebecca McGowan - dance

Chris Stevens - button accordion, concertina

Nathan Gourley - fiddle


Videography & Video Editing: Louise Bichan

Videography Assistance: Ethan Setiawan

Recording & Mixing: Nathan Gourley

Production: Matthew Olwell & Katie McNally

Cover Artwork & Design: Anna Colliton

Sketches: Rebecca McGowan

Dance steps traditional and original.

All tunes traditional.

All sound, including the foot percussion, was direct-recorded.

Supported in part by The Boston Foundation's Next Steps for Boston Dance & NEFA.

Recorded in Rebecca’s grandma Peg Wright’s house in September 2018.

© 2019 McGowan & O'Riley

All rights reserved.


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© 2019 Jackie O'Riley & Rebecca McGowan