Rebecca McGowan & Jackie O'Riley

A collection devoted to the small beauty
of traditional Irish dancing

with Armand Aromin
& Dan Accardi

Through a Live Arts Boston grant, our quartet is exploring the role of dance in musical and vocal arrangements. Stay tuned for our final showing in June 2022!

with Chris Stevens
& Nathan Gourley

Inspired by the music album format, From the Floor is a “visual album” – a collection of dances caught on film that are connected by being of the same moment in our creative process, rooted in a physical space that means something to us, and representing the style and repertoire that we practice.

with Maria Fong

Unlike most animations, this one was created after the soundtrack, rather than before. The soundtrack is an improvised meditation on the rhythms of traditional reel steps from Joe O'Donovan, Co. Cork, Ireland. We repeated and shifted phrases, in order to turn the focus away from the step and towards its essential rhythm. Drawn on paper with pen, ink, and watercolors, the factory and real acorns were animated under the camera using stop motion animation.


We’ve developed a bit of a tradition of dancing together after Thanksgiving, and this piece relates to the idea of coming full circle. In arranging favorite steps that are meaningful to us, we wanted to deepen and play with the musicality of these movements. Each transition is considered in terms of the rhythm leading from one step to the next, and we make choices to leave out or add specific sounds, in the way a musician ornaments music.


Drawn to the grace, musicality, and subtlety of old-style Irish dance, we create original choreography and interpret traditional steps. Our work magnifies intricate movements and small variations. We aim to honor the inherent musicality of the form and change the frame of what the audience sees and experiences.


Our recent projects explore sound textures, the immediacy of making music with the body, and the dynamic relationship of movement and music, placing particular value on the creative process.  We are always seeking opportunities to create and collaborate - reach out to us!



2022    Feb 11

Live Arts Boston Open Rehearsal

at the Dance Complex, Cambridge

Feb 25

Arts at the Armory, Somerville


For inquiries regarding bookings and workshops, email Jackie & Rebecca

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