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Nic Gareiss Workshop - Sept 15

Thursday, September 15

6:30-8:00 pm

Canadian-American Club
202 Arlington St, Watertown MA


Percussive Dance Technique & Improvisation Workshop

with Nic Gareiss

Improvisation rests upon technique. Engaging a myriad of step and clog dance styles, this class for experienced dancers will focus on building technical facility with the aim of enriching each dancer's improvisational ability. Through exercises and footwork patterns from many percussive dance traditions, the class will present ways that extemporaneous step dancing can be enhanced and inspired by engagement with technique. In turn, participants will explore improvisation as a means of creating new techniques, re-imagining the physical and rhythmic possibilities of their own percussive dance practice.

Nic Gareiss Workshop - Sept 15

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